T Shirts

All garments are printed by hand onto 100% cotton, we print onto men's, women's and childrens clothing. See our size chart below for fitting. Our unique printing machine process puts the ink straight into the t-shirt in a way which guarantees that the colour stays no matter how many times you wash the garment.

t-shirt blank t-shirt blank

These colours are generally what we carry as base hues for the prints, although some images may only go on certain colours. You may need to ask us for more details and to see what we have in stock at the time.

Men's T-Shirt Size Guide

chest approx. 36 inches
chest approx. 38-40 inches
chest approx. 42 inches
X Large
chest approx. 44 inches
XX Large
chest approx. 46-48 inches
XXX Large
chest approx. 50-52 inches
mens t shirt

Womens T-Shirt Size Guide

Small (Size 10)
armpit to armpit approx. 41cm
Medium (Size 12)
armpit to armpit approx. 42cm
Large (Size 14)
armpit to armpit approx. 43cm
womens t shirt

Kids T-Shirt Size Guide

7-8 years
chest approx. 30 inches
9-11 years
chest approx. 32 inches
12-13 years
chest approx. 34 inches